Welcome to EastGate Group

We are your premier partner in the business of real estate, financial services and investments. Our primary focus is delivering product and services to our clients with the aim of improving financial positions and creating wealth one client at a time. Our corporate policy is to deliver our mandate with responsibility, integrity, trust and respect for our clients and partners.


By either creating jobs for the youth, helping a young couple looking to buy or rent their first home,or the business traveler looking for a short stay accommodation to conduct business without expensive hotel bills, we always strive to make socially responsible business decisions.

From helping the small business owner secure capital or assets to commence their business to helping our business partners obtain sound return on their investments, our focus is on being the trusted partner for all our clients.

We provide all this services under one roof with innovative ideas powered by our talented and trusted team of professionals eager and ready to serve. We will like to hear from you so give us a call or come by our office to experience the EastGate bottom up approach to doing busines.